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Preschoolers and their Parents Reach Out to the Needy

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

DGP kids, parents and JCC volunteers prepare their food for giving out to nearby blocks

David & Goliath Preschool (DGP) students and their parents got a taste of community engagement by distributing bread and canned food to the needy in Taman Jurong. On Friday 25 November, to commemorate Thanksgiving and to encourage a charitable heart in all participants, about 18 DGP children and their parents partnered with Jurong Christian Church (JCC) volunteers for its fortnightly "Manna Bridge" outreach to residents nearby the church.

A DGP student with Principal Mrs Dolly Teng giving out bread to the needy

It was heartening to see parents and their young children pairing up to walk door-to-door, passing out food to elderly and foreign workers. Each child would initiate the interaction to talk and ask what the resident might need, at the urging and assistance of their parents. The young children lending a helping hand created a different atmosphere of giving, boosting every volunteer's morale. Charity and generosity knows no bounds.

David & Goliath Preschool children pair with their parents and Jurong Christian Church staff

At David & Goliath Preschool, teachers aim to inculcate civic and moral values in every child. Besides taking part in "Start Small, Dream Big", a President's Challenge focusing on social service, DGP also strives to conduct programmes to help enlarge the students' hearts for those in need. This removes the stigma of our neighbours and encourages them to be empathic and loving towards people from all walks of life.

DGP students and their parents after walking the neighbourhood

About "Manna Bridge": manna refers to a substance provided by God miraculously for His people over 40 years as they were exiled in the desert during Moses' time. JCC hopes to build bridges and connections with the community, partnering with The Food Bank Singapore as a platform to provide handouts to reach those most in need.

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