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Little Lambs

little lambs Sunday School in Jurong Christian Church

This children's group for ages 3-6 meets every Sunday on the preschool premises for special programmes with the Jurong Christian Church's Sunday School teachers. Passionate and expressive, they imbue wholesome values in each child that is in line with the Bible: such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23).


Check out our affiliated church's website to learn more about Little Lambs.

Our favourite moments in life are really just MOM-ents, because everything is better with MOMMIES.

We are also celebrating SSDB 2022's theme "Our Family, Our Community" by showing appreciation and love to our mommies! #SSDB2022

This Mother’s Day, as we honour and show gratitude to the ones who bore us and raised us up, why not take some time to enjoy the videos as to what the little ones from DGP have presented for their beloved mommies!

David & Goliath Preschool would like to wish all mommies a blessed Mother's Day!

Jurong Lake Gardens boasts the largest man-made plant floatation in Singapore.
Jurong Lake Gardens boasts the largest man-made plant floatation in Singapore.

A stone's throw away from Lakeside MRT, one of Singapore's national gardens is in the heart of the Jurong neighbourhood and is just a short walk from David & Goliath Preschool (DGP). The beauty of Jurong Lake Gardens makes it a must-visit, free-entry nature park that caters to all ages.

The Garden is open 8am - 7pm every Tuesday to Sunday. While it gets crowded in the evenings, the sun can get blazing hot if there is no cloud cover in the afternoon. So remember to prep sunscreen and umbrella (for rain or shine).

Here are 7 activities to try when you visit the Gardens as a family.

1) Clusia Cove

This open-water concept play area is an interesting way of bringing beach fun to a nature park. The sandy area is free for anyone to dip their feet (it's ankle height) and play with the sand. Kids tend to splash around too, so consider bringing an extra shirt / shorts.

2) Kayaking or Boating

PAssion WaVe @ Jurong Lake Gardens offers kayak rentals for 2 hours and 4-pedal boat rentals for 1 hour each time. Though the minimum age requirement is 7 and up, since it is a water sport, this sports centre makes for a great lounging space and provides a scenic view across the lake. Bird watchers and photographers have been known to hang out here at sunset to catch birds returning home to roost, and to capture the sunset.

(Fun Tip: If you live nearby and wish to recycle your electronic waste, there is a bin collection in the reception area you can use. Just remember to wipe your harddisks a few times and break it if you wish to be thorough about deleting your data on a computer.)

3) Butterfly Maze

The Butterfly Maze has small pathways to ensure that the garden is as dense as possible, in order to create an optimal breeding environment for butterflies. Children can begin the walk from the entrance to follow a sequence detailing the life cycle of butterflies along the walkway. There are short slides that break the monotony of the winding path too. The Maze then gives way to the Therapeutic Garden.

4) Therapeutic Garden

There are interactive elements that help kids to pause and play at certain sections, to learn something new about their environment. There are native herbs and fruiting plants that line the paths (no plucking allowed, no matter how tempting it is!) Kids can bring paper and crayon or pencil to colour over the stencils placed throughout the garden.

5) The Grasslands

Feats of horticultural workmanship can be seen in the various points of interest. While there is the swamp Alstonia Island, a fungus collection on Logs Trail, and the largest Floating Wetlands in Singapore, Grasslands is my favourite feature. It's a wonderful maze of tall grasses (certain pathways only go to certain viewpoints but it's not obvious because the paths are hidden by tall grass), predominantly the Chinese Fountain Grass. The landscape is great for family photos, as well as wedding shoots.

6) ActiveSG Park

If the Gardens didn't seem family-friendly enough, the ActiveSG Park has an outdoor fitness corner with adult equipment and a children's playground adjacent to it. Your kids get a workout and so do you. It's made of plastic too so you don't burn your hands when the sun is out.

The swimming pool and gym follow ActiveSG booking requirements. Download the app to book your slot up to 4 days in advance.

7) Forest Ramble

I saved the best for last. Forest Ramble is a huge wildlife-themed outdoor play space. Each section is designed with the natural habitat and movements of local creatures, making the setup even more inspirational. And if you thought it was only for kids, wait till you try the elements yourself.


World Wildlife Day every year on 3 March celebrates all animals we cohabit this world with, and raises awareness on wildlife crimes and environmental impact we have on them.  At David & Goliath Preschool, we teach our children to begin with the small things, like caring for the environment and other wildlife in Singapore. Admiring and looking out for God's creation is one way of developing compassion and appreciation for nature in them. This gives us opportunity to nurture our students at a young age to be aware of others' needs and wellbeing.  We've created a fun set of colouring sheets on Marine, Land and Flying Animals, some of which can be found in Singapore. Kids can also try identifying these creatures. Download it for free:
DGP Preschooler eating her yummy lunch. We are a HPB Platinum Tier school.

As young parents, we know that kids need their colourful meals for optimum nutrition and all-rounder growth. It's ok for carbohydrates to be a significant percentage in their diet due to their higher heart rates and energy expenditure daily, at about 50-65% carbs like adults. Though of course, that cannot be taken for granted, as they still require their balanced intake of fibre, proteins and healthy fats.

At David & Goliath Preschool, our lunchtime menu are rotated weekly. And furthermore, the term's overall menu is rotated every quarter. This ensures the variety of food provided over a long-term period will not be boring to the children.

At each meal, a serving of fruit is shared to ensure they receive natural antioxidants of the earth's produce. Healthier options in the cooking process are preferred as much as possible. This awarded DGP the HPB Platinum Tier achievement, the highest possible award for preschools.

We've created a worksheet on local fruits and vegetables to train your child to identify these fresh ingredients at the market, or when you serve them up. Download the free worksheet:

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