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Full Day Childcare

To top off your child's educational programme, you have the option of a full day childcare service.

Full Day Childcare is a combination of a focused education programme complemented by quality care for children such as meals, naptime etc. While each class lasts 3 to 4 hours daily, additional childcare services will last the whole day.

Childcare operating hours are as follows:

Full Day Programme

Monday to Friday

7am to 7pm

Half Day Programme

Monday to Friday

7am to 2pm OR

2pm to 7pm


Children have higher heart rates and are more active than adults. We help them to move and expend energy at our gym and playground safely.


Children spending the whole day in DGP will have showers in the afternoons. Diaper changes will also be done for young ones.



After a morning of classes, childcare students will wind down for naps in the afternoon. Cots and sleeping attire are provided.


Meals provided are approved at the HPB level. These healthy foods include fruits and vary daily, and the menu alternates weekly.

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