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Our Enrichment Programmes

The best preschool is incomplete without reliable partnerships and credible programmes from industry experts. From language literacy to numeracy, IT and music. there's something for every child.


English Public Speaking

Nurturing confident little speakers

As author and speaker Scott Berkun writes in his blog, "For all our tech, we're still very fond of the most low tech thing there is: a monologue". Speech Academy Asia helps each child with this fundamental career and life skill.


Chinese Public Speaking

Nurturing confident little speakers

This course builds a good foundation for Chinese learning. It also helps to develop children's confidence by strengthening the mind to overcome fears and stand before their peers to give a Chinese speech.


Creative Arts

Making art through different styles

Artisan Han's lessons will introduce fundamental art elements and techniques to children where they will learn how to incorporate lines, colours, shapes and patterns to create dynamic art work and designs.


Speech & Drama

Storytelling verbally and physically

With North Sea learning, children learn through play, confidence building, interaction and teamwork with peers. They nurture their creativity by thinking out of the box in language games, stage craft, poetry and storytelling.


Edu-Dance & Fitness

Movement for dance and exercise

The sessions are high-energy dance parties with hip hop, salsa, reggaeton and cumbia dance styles choreographed for children. There will be exercises to assist in their health and well-being, balance, range of motion and coordination. 

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