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Our Classes

Children come in all ages and sizes, and we cater to meet their needs.

The entry age for each level is based on 1st January of the year of admission.

And all operating hours indicated for each class are from Monday-Friday.

The preschool fees are now available, please contact us for more info.


(18 months - 24 months)

Preschool & Childcare 7am-7pm

The early years of a child’s brain development are critical to learning for life, and the curriculum is carefully planned within our DGP framework to enhance the children's social, physical, and cognitive skills. Your toddler will learn to improve their gross motor and social skills. Give your child an early start in grasping basic movement and sociability. In this era, there's no better time than an engaged group of children interacting safely and positively with others their age.


Nursery 1
(24 months - 36 months)

Preschool & Childcare 7am-7pm

Your child is picking up new skills and learned behaviours like a sponge. At this stage, life examples and demonstration is key to their growth, because "monkey see, monkey do". This means your child's daily interaction with teachers and others needs to be reinforced with positive worldviews and values. Language skills are also a priority. Children will be immersed in an integrated English and Mandarin-speaking environment to develop a repertoire of verbal and non-verbal communication strategies in both languages. 


Nursery 2
(3 - 4 years)

Preschool & Childcare 7am-7pm

Still at a ripe young age for positive influence, your child is beginning to process lots of things that are happening around them - whether at home or at school. Modelling good behaviour and etiquette is an important life skill that starts now. They begin to regulate emotions, manage social interactions better and develop fine motor skills. As your child advances in the Nursery years, we continue to offer a safe and nurturing bilingual environment for your child to explore and become independent thinkers and communicators. 


Kindergarten 1
(4 - 5 years)

Preschool & Childcare 7am-7pm

More verbal, more active, more adventurous ... Your child is ready to see and try new things and make new friends. This is a memory development stage where children now retain information, hence their journey into academic life formally begins. At the same time their mental and physical well-being receives balanced input and training. Children become familiar with mathematics, science, and technology, and begin to understand basic concepts like numbers, shapes, estimation, prediction, and classification through inquiry and exploration. 

Kindergarten 2
(5 - 6 years)

Preschool & Childcare 7am-7pm

Preparation for Primary school admission is the highlight of this year in your child's life. While they continue to enjoy their growing years in a homely and conducive environment, we ensure that their knowledge is in line with core curriculum as stipulated by MOE. At the same time, they still benefit from enrichment and special workshops or activities our preschool provides. The spoken language is just one of the many ways children use to communicate their thoughts, and we use the many different art mediums as conduits for confident and creative self-expression. 

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