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Afraid to Fail?

Help Your Child Overcome The Fear Of Failure

Even from a young age, failure is often already viewed negatively.

While we want our children to succeed, it is equally important to help them develop resilience to recover from setbacks.

How can we equip our children with a healthy perspective of failure?

ParentEd Podcast (Ep85): Can Parenting be as Easy as ABC?

Does parenting feel like having to multitask on multiple levels?

Our parent-coach and a father of 2 sons, Joe Chan, shares insightful ways about how he discovered to manage himself while taking up different roles and setting boundaries when it comes to family and work.

Talk About Sex: Should I Follow My Feelings?

There are many popular sayings that encourage us to do whatever feels right or to simply, “Follow your heart.”

While feelings can help inform decisions, how can we guide our children in making sound choices, especially when they experience strong emotions?

Date with Dad

Dads, as your daughter is growing up, do you still tell her how much you love her?

A father’s continued affection for his growing daughter not only shows they are precious, but that they are worthy of love, kindness and respect. This November, take your daughter on a special date to affirm and create cherished memories with her that will last a lifetime.

Save the Date!

Sat, 11 Nov 2023

2pm - 5pm

Hilton Singapore Orchard

Give to the Next Generation

“I volunteered to be a part of FamChamps because I wanted to learn more about how I can play a part in my family. Not only was the Camp relevant and helpful, but the FamChamps Experience also gave me the opportunity to influence my juniors and their families."

- Adele, Recipient of the Outstanding FamChamps Award 2023

Adele was one of the 91 students who went through the FamChamps Camp Experience, a signature experiential 8-month journey for youths to Believe In, Live Out and Champion Family.

The heartbeat of our city thrives on Family. Your gift will support this cause as we reach more youths through FamChamps.


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