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This Parent Referral Programme is applicable for:


parents who currently have their child enrolled in David & Goliath Preschool (DGP)

parents whose child have graduated from DGP or Jurong Christian Church Kindergarten (JCCK)

These parents will receive a referral reward when they successfully refer new parents to DGP (terms and conditions apply). 

New parents will also stand to benefit upon the successful enrollment of their child/children.

Please refer to the list below for more details:

Parent Referral Programme

Parents being referred stand to gain too. New parents who are successfully referred will receive 1 x FREE set of uniform.

How to Refer?

Step 1: Fill out the referral form below.  

Step 2: We will contact your friend and email you if they agree to sign up.

Step 3: Upon successful enrolment of your friend's child, we will disburse the rewards.

Submit a Referral

Please provide your and your referral's details, so we can get in touch with both of you.

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