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Our Story

​In 2020, we decided to rename ourselves David and Goliath Preschool based on this renowned biblical story. There are many lessons we can draw from this famous victory.

One lesson is that David started his journey while he was young. Before Goliath the giant came into his path, there were "lions and bears" that David had to fend off to protect his father's sheep.  Defeating Goliath was not a fluke victory but it was a victory consistently built from years of training since youth. The fundamental training blocks of his childhood were discipline, honour, excellence, responsibility and integrity.

We all face our "Goliaths" or huge challenges in life – failures in school, losses, broken relations. These good fundamentals and values nurtured from young can mean a difference between victory or failure. 


We nurture Confident, Competent and Caring Leaders with Love.


To develop wholesome children in partnership with their families and the community.


Responsibility, Excellence, Integrity


Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. 

Why Join Our Big Family?

Why your child should enrol in David & Goliath Preschool

Over 40 years of success and across 2 generations of students

Our approach is based on a foundation of drawing the child's inert potential so that he/she becomes a Confident, Competent and Caring Leader. Crucially, we believe that we need to nurture our children with love and to do this hand in hand with our parents and our community. 

Professional and caring  teachers and staff 

Rest assured that all our educators, including professional teachers, are not just highly-skilled specialists, but they also nurture with love. Many choose this vocation because they are committed to forming a successful partnership with all children and families (our Mission). We constantly challenge ourselves to deliver higher standards of excellence. In fact, we are one of the few education groups in Singapore with a dedicated in-house training and research arm where a curriculum specialist and expert offer ongoing training to staff. Throughout the year, teachers also actively engage in curriculum design, digital transformation, and specialised training programmes.

Immersive bilingual and S.T.E.A.M. curriculum

Our research-based curriculum defines responsive, engaging, and effective learning that has been successful for over 4 decades. As one of the first pre-schools in Singapore to introduce a bilingual curriculum, our dual language programme continues to be fundamental to the DGP education. Our pre-shool offers Mandarin as a second language.

For more on S.T.E.A.M., check out our Curriculum details.

Unique learning environments 

Apart from inviting classroom environments that seamlessly integrate with the spacious common areas, our school has a beautifully-designed gym, a creative play space, a tech room and music studio where our teachers facilitate everything from storytelling to robotics and visual art. Importantly, we want our kids to spend chunks of their time outside their classrooms, exploring nature, interacting with the community and meeting new friends. 

Committed and Professional Management Committee

DGP's oversight Management Committee consists of professionals who do not draw any salary from DGP, and are hence volunteers for the sake of non-profit. There are no intentions to open multiple franchises, which may veer away from the non-profit nature of the school. They are committed to maintaining high quality education and excellence because this is their calling and passion. 

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