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DGP's Well Wishes for the New Year

As we usher in the new year, our DGP teachers and staff commemorate the first complete year since our conversion to a full-fledged childcare. While we acknowledge the year 2022 was fraught with its own ups and downs, we are more than glad for a new year and a new beginning. The children also transit to a new level and different class teachers, making old friends and meeting some new classmates. Hence, we wish to kick off the year with some of the staff's well wishes for the DGP students.

Principal Mrs Dolly

Our doors are always open to people who want to come in and experience the love and care in this preschool.

Chairman Mr Justin Tay

My hope for our DGP children is that they grow in character and wisdom and develop a love for parents, siblings and their community.

Teacher Samantha

My vision for them is to enjoy their time with us as they grow in knowledge and socialise with friends. That they will know their teachers love them, and that they are secure in Jesus' love.

Teacher Debbie

My only hope is that the K2 kids will be prepared and ready for Primary school education.

Mrs Koh

I wish a healthy active lifestyle for the children, that they'll mature physically and mentally. That the kids and parents' hearts will be close to God so they will love God more.

Mrs Tham

My wish for the DGP children is that they'll enjoy themselves in school, be happy, to grow well, learn and know God for themselves.

Teacher Joanne

I wish for each David & Goliath Preschool student to be healthy and happy always.

马老师 (Ma Lao Shi)

我许愿大卫与巨人学前教育中心孩子们会安康喜乐、主恩满益,那么他们会学习听话顺服耶稣。(I wish that the children of our preschool will be healthy and happy, and that they will learn to obey Jesus so that the Lord will bless them.)

武老师 (Wu Lao Shi)

亲爱的大卫与巨人学前教育中心的小朋友们,祝你们新年快乐!愿上帝祝福你们,从岁首到年终平安喜乐,有智慧和聪明能学以致用!阿们!(Dear children, I wish you a happy new year! May God bless you with peace and joy all your years, and wisdom and intelligence to apply what you have learned! Amen!

​蔡老师 (Cai Lao Shi)

祝福小朋友们新年快乐!身体健康!快高长大!学业进步!=D (I wish the children a happy new year, good health and academic progress! =D)

何淑美传道 (Chaplain Ps Shoo Mei)

祝福你们每一天住在神的爱里 💗❤️💗 满有喜乐和平安!✝️ (May you live in God’s love every day and be full of joy and peace!✝)

林老师 (Lin Lao Shi)

希望 DGP 孩子们能很快适应新的朋友和老师、学习更多知识。祝你们兔年快乐! (My hope is that each of you can adjust to new friends and teachers and learn well. I wish you a happy Year of the Rabbit!)

A typical end-of-year affair, DGP teachers sent off 2022 with a spring-cleaning day, to deep clean and intentionally sanitise every surface of their classroom. From each chair and table to each Lego block and library book, everything was wiped down as thoroughly as possible. Even window ledges and the top of cupboards and fans were not spared. Kudos to all our nimble everyday heroes in this arduous task!


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