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Official Name Change of Jurong Christian Church Kindergarten

23 April 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are delighted to inform you that our school’s name, Jurong Christian Church Kindergarten (JCCK) will be changed to David & Goliath Preschool (DGP) as a part of our intent to convert into a childcare in January 2022 (tentative).

Established since 1967, our school has come a long way. We began on the same humble premises of Jurong Christian Church (JCC) as the Children's Centre, and was later renamed as Jurong Christian Church Kindergarten. In 2022, we will celebrate 55 years of history as an MOE-approved and registered preschool.

We decided to rename ourselves David & Goliath Preschool based on the renowned biblical story many children and adults are familiar with. David started his training/journey while he was young, fending off “lions and bears” to protect his father’s sheep before Goliath the giant came into his path.

Defeating Goliath was not a fluke victory but it was a victory consistently built from years of training since youth. The fundamental training blocks of his growing up years were discipline, honour, excellence, responsibility and integrity – values we subscribe to as an institution of learning.

Other than this name change, the operations of our school will remain the same for this year. Changes to our name on other areas will be made gradually and you will be updated in advance (i.e. there is no need to purchase new uniforms). No further action is required from you for the time being.

You may refer to our new website for more information:

We look forward to partnering with you in developing your child to his/her fullest potential.


Dolly Teng (Mrs)


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