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Married, Pained and Jaded? Resolving Conflict Healthily is Possible!

While most of us prefer living peaceful and conflict-free lives, unhealthy conflict can arise within our marriages and cause grief and heartache. What does healthy conflict management look like and how can we work through disagreements and misunderstanding constructively?

Have you been at your wit's end lately when it comes to relating to your spouse? Sometimes, it can truly feel like our spouse is so different from us, in the way we think, communicate or feel.

In this episode, we continue our series on Communication and Conflict and address: Why does my spouse think so differently? Hear from married couple Nelson and Gina on how they bridge the communication gap and make their differences work for their marriage, and not against it.

Life can be overwhelming. Having a listening ear can bring relief, help you feel supported, and improve relationships. Make an appointment with a counsellor today. Fees apply.

Check out Focus on the Family's other free online tools and resources you can use in the home and during special occasions. There's no better time like family time.

Every day, couples experience crisis and suffering in their marriage from accumulated years of unresolved conflict and emotional disconnection.

“We grew apart and lacked intimacy. We could no longer have a conversation without arguments. I felt betrayed and really wanted to end the marriage. In seeking help, our counsellor was immensely professional and experienced, making us feel comfortable quickly. While men struggle to open up or even agree to counselling, she assessed my hubby and knew how to talk to him. We are thankful we sought help! My hubby and I are now strong advocates for counselling. When we're sick, we visit a doctor for treatment. Likewise, if our marriage is ill, we seek treatment through counselling too.” - Jenny*

*Name of counseling client has been changed to protect our client's privacy.

At Focus on the Family Singapore, we believe that every difficult relationship can turn the corner. Our rebranded Connect2 initiative features timely and relevant content to provide encouragement for married couples to nurture their relationship.

Will you join us to provide help and bring hope to broken marriages today?

Your partnership will enable us to restore marriages through our marital counselling, workshops and campaigns, and nurture thriving families for the next generation.

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