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Living Things and Moral Stories for Preschoolers

R. Chandran and Amy Cheng act out fables and self-written skits for young children to learn about living things and morals under Act3 Theatrics.
R. Chandran and Amy Cheng act out fables and self-written skits for young children.

David & Goliath Preschool saw a trend in STEAM education and the importance of adding science and tech to its core curriculum. Hence this year the school prioritised STEAM classes as much as its bilingual curriculum and physical education.

While we cannot deny that tech is increasingly encroaching on our personal lives and into school functions, we want to enhance the customised teaching experience that our children receive.

DGP's affiliated organisation Jurong Christian Church paired with Act3 Theatrics to produce an online course on "Living Things and Moral Stories for Children". This is a collection of 11 self-written skits and stories by local actors and husband-and-wife duo Amy Cheng and R. Chandran, and their son Jivan. Since the Covid pandemic, they began their home-based theatre productions retelling folk lore and moral stories through video.

A form of digital storytelling, preschool children can enjoy watching and then testing their understanding of the topic through quiz questions after. This helps bring home the moral of the story through interactive feedback than passive viewing.

Check out the course yourself!

Amy Cheng and Jivan from Act3 Theatrics act out moral stories for early childhood with props.
A snail didn't want his shell, Amy and son Jivan act out why.

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