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Eat your Fruits and Veggies! (free printable)

World Wildlife Day every year on 3 March celebrates all animals we cohabit this world with, and raises awareness on wildlife crimes and environmental impact we have on them.  At David & Goliath Preschool, we teach our children to begin with the small things, like caring for the environment and other wildlife in Singapore. Admiring and looking out for God's creation is one way of developing compassion and appreciation for nature in them. This gives us opportunity to nurture our students at a young age to be aware of others' needs and wellbeing.  We've created a fun set of colouring sheets on Marine, Land and Flying Animals, some of which can be found in Singapore. Kids can also try identifying these creatures. Download it for free:
DGP Preschooler eating her yummy lunch. We are a HPB Platinum Tier school.

As young parents, we know that kids need their colourful meals for optimum nutrition and all-rounder growth. It's ok for carbohydrates to be a significant percentage in their diet due to their higher heart rates and energy expenditure daily, at about 50-65% carbs like adults. Though of course, that cannot be taken for granted, as they still require their balanced intake of fibre, proteins and healthy fats.

At David & Goliath Preschool, our lunchtime menu are rotated weekly. And furthermore, the term's overall menu is rotated every quarter. This ensures the variety of food provided over a long-term period will not be boring to the children.

At each meal, a serving of fruit is shared to ensure they receive natural antioxidants of the earth's produce. Healthier options in the cooking process are preferred as much as possible. This awarded DGP the HPB Platinum Tier achievement, the highest possible award for preschools.

We've created a worksheet on local fruits and vegetables to train your child to identify these fresh ingredients at the market, or when you serve them up. Download the free worksheet:

Download PDF • 207KB

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