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Little Lambs

little lambs Sunday School in Jurong Christian Church

This children's group for ages 3-6 meets every Sunday on the preschool premises for special programmes with the Jurong Christian Church's Sunday School teachers. Passionate and expressive, they imbue wholesome values in each child that is in line with the Bible: such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23).


Check out our affiliated church's website to learn more about Little Lambs.

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Video presented by Daniel Chew, Jurong Christian Church Bike Club Volunteer

Singapore is trending towards a more green and sustainable way of living. Despite the hustle and bustle and city life, transport is one of the priority issues the government has been tackling in order to fight climate change. Transportation has been touted the 3rd largest source of carbon emissions, hence the big push towards alternative and greener means of transport within the city.

There’s no better time than now to kickstart the habit of cycling with your family. Kids are more physically active now than they will be when they get older. Their centre of gravity is lower; plus learning to take a fall and not give up is a good life skill everyone should be trained in, literally and figuratively.

a child plays on her balance bicycle to train her balancing skills

Besides cycling for commuting, it’s a great sport that works major muscle groups without injuring your knee joints. It’s slow enough for you to enjoy the scenery and atmosphere, and fast enough to work up a sweat and bring you places.

Daniel Chew, a volunteer leader at Jurong Christian Church's bicycle club, recommends 2 other sports equipment that will help your child grasp a better concept of the bicycle:

  1. Kids Balance Bike If your child is 2 years old or more, and balance is not their mastery yet, consider a balance bicycle first. Without pedals, a balance bike ensures both feet remain on the floor, for both pushing and braking power. It gets them used to the idea of sitting and using their legs on either side of the bike to move around.

  2. Scooter This non-motorised 2-wheeled machine will train a child in a continuous 1-leg balancing act. This still allows 3-point contact with the ground at all times, with the pedal power of their foot. It makes the transition to cycling more natural.

  3. Kids Bicycle When choosing a bike, have your child actually be present to test it. Stand them next to the bike seat and make sure the seat reaches their hip. This way, when they sit down, their toes and ball of foot should still touch the ground. Also, get the adjustable seat too, so when they grow up, the height can be adjusted to suit them.

a child practices cycling with the help of trainer wheels and the assistance of her parents

When they start out on a bicycle proper, here are some tips to help them be successful:

  1. Install trainer wheels If it didn’t come with training wheels, you may need to install them on the sides of the back wheel. Over time when the child becomes more confident, bend the training wheels upwards slightly so they utilise them less. This lets your child maintain balance over the main 2 wheels for longer durations. Once ready, remove the trainers.

  2. Gear up Your child will fall (less often with the help of training wheels). So a helmet and some padding for the elbows and knees will reduce the chances of scars from contact with rough surfaces. Your kid may cry a bit, but they will realise they can handle more than these few scratches.

  3. Find a safe space to practice To further aid with cycling practice, find an open space with almost no human or vehicle traffic. If the ground is grassy, that will help cushion any falls, and even encourage falling without fear. If your child is manoeuvring tight corners, make sure people are not there to be the receiving end of his wheel and handlebars. Jurong Lake Gardens is a good place for this.

  4. Add fun elements Chalk up the floor with a mini-circuit your child can follow, or add obstacles like bottles they need to weave in and out of, instead of travelling in a straight line. Do a time trial or a race to a finish line. When you play with speed, try the opposite too by going as slowly as possible on a demarcation line, because this tests one’s balance, control and fine motor skills.

David & Goliath Preschool’s affiliated organisation Jurong Christian Church hosts a bicycle clinic every Sunday, 3-4pm, to maintain your bikes for free. It is open to public and Daniel's team will assist with simple repairs, cleaning, and even training wheel installations, so long as you bring the wheels. Feel free to bring your bike down for a checkup.

Meanwhile, you may check out Daniel’s Bicycle Basics course on the church website.

David & Goliath Preschool wishes all Singaporeans and residents a Happy and Blessed National Day.

Check out the simple National Day celebrations @ DGP on Monday 8 August. The children (from Kindergarten One and Two) had a memorable session in their respective classes doing snacks and crafts, playing sports games while singing and dancing to National Day songs. We believe we will rise stronger together to bring Singapore forward as we sing "Happy Birthday Singapore!"

Majulah Singapura! Happy and Blessed 57th Birthday Singapore!

NDP 2022 Theme Song - Stronger Together Music and Lyrics by Don Richmond Performed by Taufik Batisah ft. The Island Voices

We also celebrated SSDB's theme "Our Family, Our Community" by loving our country, showing respect and appreciating all people and learning about our cultures and traditions besides building and strengthening friendships.

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Claudia, Jia Min, Hong Xiang and Rei Tian were winners of the Sector Design Challenge 2021 organised by National Council of Social Service (NCSS), with the concept of educating preschoolers with body safety knowledge. Their team focused on this topic as child sexual abuse cases were rising during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many families were forced to stay indoors, schools were shut and such cases went undetected. Using the seed grant to produce an animated video on keeping children safe from sexual abuse, they came to David & Goliath Preschool(DGP) to conduct a 1-hour programme with our Kindergarten 2 students.

With the support of Singapore Children’s Society, the team engaged the children with practical tips on how to protect themselves. They learnt to differentiate between a good touch (like a teacher’s pat on the back, or a doctor’s physical exam) and bad touch (like adults exposing their private parts or touching the child’s genitals).

Rei Tian observed that each child had a "unique perspective on setting personal and physical boundaries whether at school, at home or in public”. In addition, DGP students also learned to identify the appropriate terms of their reproductive organs and how to respond when they feel uncomfortable.

Hong Xiang remarked, “It was a great experience to see the children so receptive to the programme. This is a great opportunity to teach children more about the importance of body safety, and we hope that we can continue widening our reach.”

Claudia added, “The children have such inquisitive minds to learn and the session was very heartwarming. At this age, they are very impressionable, so I hope their families and teachers can continue teaching them about body safety, together with Sheli, our mascot!”

The K2 students were excited to learn and earn the safety badge.
Our K2 students were excited to learn and earn the body safety badge.

This is in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and Singapore strives to ensure young children are equipped with body safety skills from early on.

Jia Min feedbacked, “I am grateful for the opportunity to conduct this session in DGP! Quoting from a proverb, ‘train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’ It is so important to teach the next generation about setting healthy boundaries to protect themselves when they grow up.”

At DGP, our aim is to nurture our students’ social and emotional development, and such curriculum empowers them with life-saving knowledge. Hence body safety training, though newly introduced, will be one of the mainstay programmes in K2 classes.

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