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Little Lambs

little lambs Sunday School in Jurong Christian Church

This children's group for ages 3-6 meets every Sunday on the preschool premises for special programmes with the Jurong Christian Church's Sunday School teachers. Passionate and expressive, they imbue wholesome values in each child that is in line with the Bible: such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23).


Check out our affiliated church's website to learn more about Little Lambs.

David & Goliath Preschool wishes our beloved teaching and non-teaching staff a Blessed Happy Teachers’ Day!

"If your gift is serving, devote yourself to serving others. If it is teaching, devote yourself to teaching others. If it is encouraging, devote yourself to encouraging others. If it is sharing, share generously. If it is leading, lead enthusiastically. If it is helping, help cheerfully. " - Romans 12:7-8.

Today is a day to celebrate our honourable teachers, who mould students’ raw talents and turn them into jewels! As it takes a village to raise a child, we appreciate other non-teaching staff for their contribution and hard work as well. Last but not least, a BIG THANK YOU to all our wonderful parents for all the lovely gifts plus yummy delicious food too.

Teachers’ Day is a special day to thank and remember the teachers who have shaped us and show our appreciation for them. Always remember to convey your Teachers’ Day wishes to the best teachers who have commanded your respect and who have left a great impact on you.

Blessed Happy Teachers’ Day to all the amazing and hardworking teachers out there!

We also celebrated SSDB's theme "Our Family, Our Community" by loving our teaching and non-teaching staff, showing respect and appreciating all people besides building and strengthening friendships and partnerships with parents.

By Jurong Lake Gardens, NParks

Jurong Lake Gardens hosts monthly Bazaar in the Garden activities for families.

In August’s Bazaar in the Garden, join their fun and exciting programmes for children! Bazaar in the Garden (BIG) is the garden’s monthly signature event that occurs every 4th Saturday of the month.

For July, NParks has a series of programmes lined up on 27th August 2022 for children aged 3 to 12 years old.

  • Biodiversity Tour (Session 1): 8-9am

  • Biodiversity Tour (Session 2): 8.15-9.15am

  • Online Children's Storytelling and Crafts: 9-10am

  • MOLLY the Mobile Library: 9am-12pm

  • Jurong Lake Gardens Scavenger Hunt: 10-11am

  • How to set up a beautiful outdoor edible garden | BIG x TOYL: 2-3pm

  • Online Gardening Q&A: 3-3.45pm

  • Bonsai Demonstration: 4-5pm

  • Sunset Walk at Jurong Lake Gardens: 6.30-7.30pm

For more info on each activity, and to register, go to Calendar of Events ( Places are limited!

Jurong Lake Gardens outdoor playground slides for children

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Jurong Christian Church hosts a Lantern Fest for families at a low price, open to public.

If you're open to some family-friendly fun for Mid-Autumn Festival, this is the place to be. Hang out with our volunteers and teachers at Jurong Christian Church's Lantern Fest happening on Saturday 3 September, 7-9pm.

Register your child at this link - under David & Goliath Preschool. Deadline ends 28 August 2022!

See you and your family there!

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