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World Wildlife Day every year on 3 March celebrates all animals we cohabit this world with, and raises awareness on wildlife crimes and environmental impact we have on them.  At David & Goliath Preschool, we teach our children to begin with the small things, like caring for the environment and other wildlife in Singapore. Admiring and looking out for God's creation is one way of developing compassion and appreciation for nature in them. This gives us opportunity to nurture our students at a young age to be aware of others' needs and wellbeing.  We've created a fun set of colouring sheets on Marine, Land and Flying Animals, some of which can be found in Singapore. Kids can also try identifying these creatures. Download it for free:
DGP Preschooler eating her yummy lunch. We are a HPB Platinum Tier school.

作为年轻的父母,我们知道孩子需要丰富多彩的膳食来获得最佳营养和全面成长。碳水化合物在他们的饮食中占很大比例是可以的,因为他们心率和能量消耗较高,与成年人的碳水化合物含量一样,约为 50-65%。当然,这不能被视为理所当然,因为他们仍然需要均衡摄入纤维、蛋白质和健康脂肪。


每顿饭都分享一份水果,以确保他们获得地球产生的天然抗氧化剂。烹饪过程中尽更健康的选择。这使 DGP 获得了 HPB 白金级成就,这是幼儿园的最高奖项。


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