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Little Lambs

little lambs Sunday School in Jurong Christian Church

This children's group for ages 3-6 meets every Sunday on the preschool premises for special programmes with the Jurong Christian Church's Sunday School teachers. Passionate and expressive, they imbue wholesome values in each child that is in line with the Bible: such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23).


Check out our affiliated church's website to learn more about Little Lambs.

Students at David & Goliath Preschool celebrated Racial Harmony Day on 21 August by engaging in a myriad of cross cultural activities and games. We compile some of the more fun traditional past times you can also host at home with the family.

1) Spinning Top (Game)

Spinning tops like gasing are fun for kids to compete with.

It's a weight with low centre-of-gravity on a sharp point. And if you use a heavier one with a metal needle point, it requires twine string to propel it on the ground. "Gasing" is the Malay term for the spinning top. Here the kids can compete to see who has the best strategy to keep it spinning longest.

2) Origami Paper Ball (Game)

Paper ball inflated through our breath is a classic game.

Remember the thin paper ball you can inflate with your breath into a round shape, and then bounce in the air until it deflates? Our teachers turned it into an origami practice so the kids could use regular A4 paper and create their own origami (after following some instructions). Plus the ball is more solid and won't be squashed too quickly.

3) Pickup Sticks (Game)

Pickup Sticks are suitable for any number of people to play, even solo.

You can purchase thin plastic sticks, but chopsticks work just as well (you can use coloured tape to label them if you want). You gather them in the centre and let them fall randomly in a pile. Each player takes turns to extract 1 stick at a time without moving the others, in a bid to retrieve as many as possible. Originally the different colours symbolise different points, so that turns it into a math game too.

4) Hopscotch (Game)

Hopscotch is a rather simple game, but you can always make it challenging creatively.

You may not need to draw it on an exercise mat as there are some hopscotch markings in some HDB void decks. Or use chalk on the ground if there isn't. You can go forwards, backwards or use 1 leg throughout the course. You can also up the ante by throwing an obstacle at random (like a beanbag) to block a tile space, and keep adding on more obstacles so it becomes a proper challenge.

5) Five Stones (Game)

Five stones are not as easy as they look. Give it a go yourself!

More likely than not, our parents are more adept at this game than we are. You throw a stone in the air, pick up 1 more stone and then catch the airborne one before it drops. You add on 1 more stone to pick up after each successful catch. If you manage it, you could consider a side gig in juggling.

6) Capteh (Game)

Capteh is like a whole new level of fancy footwork and cardio workout.

This tests your dexterity and reflex. And capteh seems to be a prelude to the more intense sepak takraw and soccer. A game for the fleet-footed, it's a good practice for nimbleness. Your family can try to see who can keep it in the air longest.

7) Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy does take patience and practice.

All you need is a Chinese calligraphy brush, black ink and normal paper if you can't find parchment. The strokes are something that cannot be rushed; it helps to watch a tutorial on taking time to write each stroke. With enough practice, you might be able to write as well as ex-Deputy PM Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

8) Traditional Costume

National Day is the perfect time to wear your ethnic costumes.

Get dressed! Break out the long-unworn traditional silks that sit forlorn in your cupboard. The qipao, baju melayu, dhoti and shirt for men; cheongsam, baju kurung and saree for women. National Day is the perfect excuse to wear a different attire to work for a change.

9) Traditional Foods

Singapore is a rojak nation, why not embrace the globalisation of our foods too?

Hawker fare has no lack of international cuisine now. Chinese, Malay, Indian stir fries to Japanese, Korean, Indonesian and Vietnamese foods, pick something international and varied from your culture (preferably something more exotic than western). Who knows, the pad thai stall down the road might become your family's regular dinner outing?

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

The theme for Racial Harmony Day 2022 is "Singapore: Our Multicultural Mosaic", which reflects how communities in Singapore are unique but also intertwined with others to depict the cultural diversity that characterises Singapore life.

David & Goliath Preschool celebrated the meaningful Racial Harmony Day on 21 July 2022. We dressed up in various ethnic costumes to show our appreciation for one another's cultures. We played enjoyable traditional games such as hopscotch, five stones, bola tins, chapteh and five stones to learn about other cultures in a fun way.

We also simultaneously celebrated SSDB's theme "Our Family, Our Community" by showing respect and appreciating all people and learning about our cultures and traditions besides building and strengthening friendships.

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Screaming kids will be added to the mix if you're WFH.
Screaming kids will be added to the mix if you're WFH.

Heavy vehicles rumbling past. Fumigation, leaf-blowing and street-sweeping to clean the city. Someone’s karaoke echoing across the blocks. Heavy machinery in construction and demolition. Jets flying by.

It’s noise pollution. We can’t escape it. As long as you stay in a city, there will be a constant hum of busyness.

We cannot discount the adverse effects on our hearing and mental health when noise pollution starts to intrude into our homes and our lives. For some, this can become a wearisome environment to be in for the long-term. It is a problem in any city and city dwellers have to find creative solutions to such problems.

Keep your peace of mind by practicing mindfulness or meditation to focus on the present.
Keep your peace of mind by practicing mindfulness or meditation to focus on the present.

Here are some practical tips to help yourself stay sane and less disturbed.

  1. You can close your windows to minimise unwanted noise entering your home.

  2. You can further reduce noise by installing soundproof windows (apparently it cuts out more sound than an average window).

  3. Installing heavy curtains to dampen sound entering the windows.

  4. Insulate the walls with soundproofing materials, like a recording studio, so sounds do not bounce around the house.

  5. Play some chill lofi as background music, which is not too slow to make you sleepy and not too fast to heighten alertness.

  6. Try nature sounds, from waterfalls to birds chirping or leaves rustling in the forest.

  7. If you’re winding down for the day, relaxation and meditation audio calms the mind and brings you into a state of mindfulness, so you remain in the present and physically prepare yourself for rest.

  8. Use noise cancelling devices like headphones or in-ear audio pieces while you’re playing your music, if you can’t play it out loud with the family around.

  9. Get ear muffs or ear plugs which will block sounds at night, like that which your partner makes when sleeping…

  10. Besides natural remedies like warm milk or eggs, there are melatonin drinks and supplements that help improve sound sleep. They are readily available in supermarkets and convenience stores nowadays.

Letting children learn a musical instrument or go out to the park gives them a chance to be noisy and be themselves.
Letting children learn a musical instrument or go out to the park gives them a chance to be noisy and be themselves.

We know the family can be noisy if the kids are home from school and they are still a ball of energy. Putting them in front of the TV while you prep dinner can help for the time-being. But for the long haul, set aside regular outings or activities to help them get the pent-up tension out of their system.

Here’s some healthy outlets where your kids can safely make noise:

  1. Let them karaoke so they practise controlling their vocals (you can turn the volume down if they get too loud anyway).

  2. Get them a musical instrument, because these will still sound pleasant even if they play wrongly. Electric instruments like the synthesiser keyboard lets you control the volume too.

  3. Hit the park connectors, go to SuperPark, Trampoline Park or a kids gym. Kids need to run wild.

In David & Goliath Preschool, we have an indoor padded Kids’ Power Gym with bouldering wall and an outdoor playground to ensure children safely expend their energy. The weekly schedule for our Music & Movement Room is packed, allowing each class to participate in some form of percussion music, rhythm and dance.

Kids Power Gym in David & Goliath Preschool is the perfect workout room.
Kids Power Gym in David & Goliath Preschool is the perfect workout room.

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